Words of wisdom from your Uncle Ralph. And other Rules of Life & Business.

Words of wisdom from your Uncle Ralph

And other Rules of Life & Business

If you’ve been following me at LearningEntrepreneurship.com, you’ve probably already seen my frequently repeated slogans:  

  • Don’t do it the hard way.
  • Have a purpose. Have a plan.
  • Be better. Do better.
  • “A wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Only a fool insists on making his own.”
  • Avoid the mistakes.

Well, I have a few more to share with you that I rely on personally:

  • Don’t waste time.
  • Character matters.
  • You’re not better than anybody else, and nobody is better than you. Treat everyone the same way.
  • Don’t look for who to blame; look for what to fix.
  • Face the facts, don’t fight the facts.
  • Make work fun.
  • Make a difference in somebody’s life every day. Start with a smile and a kind word.

And more words of wisdom worth considering:

“Do what you love, love what you do and deliver more than you promise.” Harvey Mackay

“Good enough never is. Good is the enemy of great.” Jim Collins

"A well-handled problem usually breeds more loyalty than you had before.” Tom Peters

“Build a business to make meaning (the money will follow).” Guy Kawasaki

“Begin with the end in mind.” “Seek first to understand, then to be understood." Stephen Covey

“It is the small decisions you and I make every day that create our destinies.” Anthony Robbins

Do you have your own guiding slogans? Or better ideas? Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in my articles and commentary.

Be better. Do Better. Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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