Looking back. Or looking forward?

Looking back

Or looking forward?

As we approach the end of another year in the post-pandemic era its timely to reflect on the past year and start looking forward and planning ahead. In looking back, I re-read my article in the 2020 Edition of DONT DO IT THE HARD WAY, and discovered nothing has changed.

The consensus seems to be that last year was bad everywhere, and next year will be worse: more terrorist attacks and political stupidity, extreme weather and natural disasters, wildly fluctuating market values on all our investments and challenging economic conditions in every industry.

Its all still true! And if we cannot control the world of disaster and disgusting behaviour around us, and we cannot hide from the consequences, what can we do?

Without being selfish and irresponsible and while continuing to speak up against evil and support those who are working to make the world a better place, we need to keep it simple and focus on the things closer to home that we can control. Richard Branson was quoted in the article as suggesting we work on our To-Be list instead of our To-Do list. Focus on just two significant accomplishments one personal, one professional.

Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Lets continue taking care of family and friends, employees, customers, clients and business associates, our community, social justice, and the environment, while trying to do better at accomplishing our personal, professional and business goals.

Be better. Do Better.

Del Chatterson,your Uncle Ralph

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