Learn to live with it. Doesn’t mean ignore it.

Learn to live with it

Doesn’t mean ignore it.

 We keep being told we have to learn to live with it.

It seems to me a useless cliché, whether it’s applied to the continuing risk of Covid variants, to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to the humanitarian crisis in Europe or to the threat of escalating military conflict into WWIII.

It’s a lot to worry about and it’s more distressing and disturbing to feel we are unable to affect the outcomes. However, ignoring the dangerously volatile world around us and hiding inside our personal safe havens are not good choices.

We can do more.

We can be responsible, intelligent citizens and contribute to better outcomes. Be safe, take care of yourself and others. Speak up. Lend your support to the causes of public health, freedom, democracy and human rights.

You can make a difference.

Be better. Do better. 

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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