Itís all about the Money

Itís all about the Money

Of course

raining cashAs they keep telling us, ďItís always about the money.Ē

Time to stop denying, explaining, apologizing? Maybe we can just ignore the critics and focus on the people that are really important to us.

Itís the employees, customers and suppliers, maybe your bank and probably your family, that really need to know you also have their interests at heart. You already know that you could make more money, especially in the short term, by taking a few short cuts. Theyíre not all illegal, some are just exploitive or objectionable use of people and the planet. But you also know that they are all actually bad for your business, if you want to maintain your ability to look after all those people that are important to you.

†Now letís deal with the critics. Unfortunately, they can influence the environment you work in and the rules you have to comply with, even if they donít know what theyíre talking about. So letís help them understand what entrepreneurs are really about. Donít let them accept all the easy stereotypes and generalize from the few bad actors.

We donít need to apologize (I hope), but we do need to explain.

Be better. Do better.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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