Choose & Use Wisely

Choose & Use Wisely

Professionals can help

Twenty years ago, I wrote an article titled, Consultants: How to Chose, Use, and Not Abuse Them, based on my own experience as a management consultant and as a client of other consultants, accountants, lawyers, and other professionals. The article offers tips for effective professional relationships and has retained its relevance for a Blog Post at and inclusion in Uncle Ralph’s Random Ramblings in my book of advice for entrepreneurs, DON’T DO IT THE HARD WAY.

After a recent headline in The Economist, “Do McKinsey and other consultants do anything useful?” it seems necessary to add the additional advice, “Don’t be used and abused by your consultant.”

The abuses of power and influence and the profiteering by both McKinsey and Bain in South Africa recently led to judicial investigations and criminal charges against both consulting firms. Their scandals and outrageous conflicts of interest in the past have apparently not resulted in more ethical and enlightened behaviour in the management of global consulting firms.

So be aware of what style of management is guiding the professionals that you engage to help you and your business. See Rule #3 – Compatibility: Be sure that your objectives are aligned and that they are helping you more than they’re helping themselves.

With all do respect to my fellow consultants and other ethical, enlightened professionals, use your consultants well.

Be better. Do better. Be an enlightened entrepreneur.  

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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