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Many golfers have succeeded in business as well as golf and they have relevant advice for us about both. On this Blog we'll worry more about business than your golf (or mine).

First quotes are from Arnold Palmer, thanks to Rick Spence and his Canadian Entrepreneur Blog.

Best-Ever Entrepreneurship Quotes: Week 49

Here is your motivational Quote of the Week, personally selected to get your week off to an inspirational start.

“Winning isn't everything, but wanting it is.”Arnold Palmer, professional golfer and living legend.Today Arnie celebrates his 78th birthday. To send him a birthday greeting, click here (registration required in “Arnie’s Army”).

And here's another great Arnold Palmer quote on competition for all entrepreneurs to chew on:“I never rooted against an opponent. But I never rooted for him, either.”

Thanks Arnold and Rick for your thoughts on golf and business.

I keep being reminded that business is like golf, so decided it's time to start a blog and website on the subject. Sorry, I just couldn't stop myself!

Several years ago at DirectTech Solutions we worked that theme into our marketing strategy.
(See: )

It included golf themed brochures, putting contests at trade shows, sponsoring golf tournaments, etc. It was fun and created some buzz, but we got tired of it and moved on.

However, now that I'm spending more time trying to write, teach, advise, consult and comment on management, leadership and entrepreneurship, the golf analogy keeps coming back.

Let's see how far we can take it this time.

I've just returned from an interesting trip to Sept Isles and tour of the Quebec North Shore. Sept Isles is on a large circular bay protected by seven islands (surprisingly) and is a young, prosperous industrial town. Quite unremarkable as a tourist destination.

But it has one characteristic that seems to be entirely unique to the population of Sept Isles. The town has two very popular Tim Horton's coffee shops and strangers cannot help but notice that absolutely everyone takes their coffee in the familiar "roll-up-the rim" paper cup with a plastic straw! They attempt logical explanations that it keeps the coffee from spilling out the flip top opening while driving, but there is really no explanation for it becoming unique to Sept Isles.

It seems to me a useful reminder that human behaviour cannot always be explained, predicted, understood or managed. Just accept it and work with it. Like the counter staff at Tim Horton's in Sept Isles - just punch a hole in the top and give them a straw.

After a long weekend there is extra urgency to get a week's work accomplished in the remaining four days. And this weekend I'm away for 2 weeks to enjoy Beautiful BC with friends and family so even more pressure .

It's a good time to remember the importance of maintaining the foundation - physical, financial, friends and family. Too much focus on business and career goals can easily leave no time for those other important elements of a successful life.

Weekends and holidays should be protected from work intrusions to allow quality time to be spent on those other priorities. They all add to the solid foundation that will support you through the inevitable challenges up and down the business cycle. Physical and mental strength, financial security, and the refuge and counsel of friends and family will help you weather the storms of economic adversity. If neglected, they will not be there to respond in times of need.

So take the time for maintenance. Sometimes, the work can wait.

OK now its more than two years after that first post... where did the time go?

e2eforum has made little progress beyond the concept - a place online for entrepreneurs and executives to share ideas, information and inspiration.

Where to start? How to create a "forum" with enough partipants to make it interesting and valuable?

Some ideas and opportunities are developing. A first draft website is underway and the concepts are being refined. Some strategic partners are appearing that provide the necessary catalyst to accelerate the launch.

Stay tuned.