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Sometimes you just have to learn to enjoy it in spite of the disappointments.

It has been a slow summer for golf for me. Just 10 rounds, so that means the results are inconsistent. Well, not totally inconsistent, mostly bad - not breaking 100 and very few good shots or good holes. It's easy to get discouraged and decide, again, to give it up.
But then, ... it's a beautiful day on a beautiful course and two consecutive days with a few good shots and some pars, even a birdie or two, and "I love this game, even if it doesn't always love me back!"

So where's the business lesson in that? Probably just a reminder not to let it go. Find the good spots, remind yourself of the long-term rewards and enjoy.
Doing what you like and getting better at it is reward enough.

Keep on swinging.

I was reminded while watching the weekend golf that success in business and golf seems to require the tenacity and focus to survive the occasional rides up and down that seem to be out of our control. Hang on and ride it out!

Phil Mickelson, Steve Stricker and Fred Couples battled at Pacific Palisades over four rounds to finish one, two, and three for winnings of $1.1 million, $680,000 and $327,000. Stricker went a very steady and impressive 68-66-69-67. But Mickelson and Couples took the roller coaster rides of 63-72-62-72 and 67-70-65-69. Hole by hole was even more stressful as they went from flying off the fairway into the trees to sticking it by the pin for birdie putts.

A great reminder that success at the end of the day can still follow some pretty discouraging results along the way.

Another victory for Mike Weir last weekend. Four days of golf in the 60's at a tough Arizona desert course. After 3-1/2 years without a win the former Masters champion could have lost his game and faded away. But in a tribute to persistence and dedication to getting better he showed his championship talent and heart at the President's Cup and again on Sunday.

In golf and in business, persistence and dedication to continuous improvement and sticking to the plan will eventually lead to triumph. For a business example see the comments of Darren Entwhistle of Telus.