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We have the tendency to start a New Year, or even each new month in business, by resetting the numbers back to zero and starting again from there. It can be a discouraging process.

The concept of building momentum and carrying it forward from one period to the next is probably a better approach. In business and in golf it is often the attitude that improves our results more than the aptitude.

Mike Weir had a very good start to the season in Hawaii last week leading on Sunday and finishing a strong fourth. Two early mistakes cost him a few hundred thousand dollars, but still in the serious money for a positive outcome. He agreed with the commentators that his victorious battle one-on-one with Tiger in Montreal followed by a win late last year have given him renewed confidence that he has carried into the new season.

In business we can also use the mental picture of good results in the past to lead us to the same results in the future.

Here's hoping it works for you. Wishing you all the best in business and in golf for 2008.

A great demonstration of focus and commitment against all odds, Mike Weir defeated Tiger Woods in a face to face battle yesterday at Royal Montreal on the final day of the President's Cup.

All the pressure of high expectations for Canada's No.1 golfer against the toughest competitor in the world who's been having a great year while Mike has been struggling to win anywhere. After leading 3-up then bouncing one into the water after two birdies by Tiger he was 1-down with three holes to play. He won two of them for the match.

Guts and skill. All you need to win in business and in golf.

Way to go, Mike!