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mistakesI got a call from my boss today.

He said, "Is everything OK at the office?"

I said, "It's a little hectic, but no problem. Everything is under control."

"Great," he said, "but can I ask you a favour?"

I said, "Sure, what is it."

He said, "Can you speed it up a little, I'm in the foursome behind you."



So the course is over and a dozen enthusiastic young entrepreneurs passed with excellent marks. Will they all succeed as entrepreneurs? Sorry, but taking a course is not enough.

In the very first class we agreed that anyone can be an entrepreneur if they are passionate determined, persistent and patient. So why not? It sounds like the same cliches we hear from successful celebrities - "believe in your dream, never give up". But we neglect to be honest and admit that there is always one more requirement for success - talent!

It's like the rookie golfer who just couldn't improve and after every bad shot the pro kept explaining that his problem was LOFT. So the the rookie tried another club and still couldn't hit it straight. The pro then explained "I didn't say your problem was loft, I said it was L-O-F-T: Lack Of F***ing Talent!"

Sometimes its best to discourage budding entrepreneurs who have a dream but need to recognize they are only dreaming. First find something they can be good at.

If you're here on Friday morning May 18th, I've gone golfing. Happy Birthday to me in case you forgot.

If you found this Blog through my e-newsletter on "E-Business opportunities with Web 2.0" (see, then you'll appreciate the beauty of online applications like Campaigner ( which sent the newsletter while I was golfing and directed you to the DirectTech Solutions website or the Blog. If you click on the Google ad links I might even make a nickel while I'm golfing.

Now that's what I love about the Internet!