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You think it’s futile?

Don’t give up too soon.

No sign of progress does not mean no progress.

Don’t look for excuses to give up. Patience and persistence may still be rewarded. Keep checking the feedback and listen to the critics, especially the people who are usually your cheerleaders, even if you think they’ve got it wrong and you’re sure you’ve got it right.

But eventually you may have to admit, they’re right. You’re doing it wrong.

The clichés get repeated because they’re often true: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Continuing to bang your head against the wall only gets you a headache.    

So how do you know when to quit? Go back to square one: Check your goal and your plan. Review the feedback and the apparent lack of progress. Have you learned enough to find a better path to achieving the goal?

Is the original goal still important to you? If it is, then make adjustments and keep pushing. Try a different approach if you think it will improve the odds of success.

If you decide the goal is no longer worth the effort or that your efforts are entirely futile, then it’s time for a pause, some reflection, and a new plan.

Be better. Do better. 

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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More celebrations

Fewer apologies 

It seems to be part of the new approach to historic anniversary celebrations to give more attention to apologizing for past failures and the sins of our ancestors than on recognizing our accomplishments and the progress we have made on all fronts since those evil events in our past.

celebrationsThe celebratory narrative is interrupted by vociferous activists and protestors directing the audience to their issues and raining on our parade. They do get our attention, but it’s not usually the time and place for constructive action on challenging issues. It is too easy to respond to the rhetoric and symbolism with more rhetoric and symbolism, instead of initiating creative and ambitious programs to make real progress. Another time and place, starting with an exchange of mutual respect and goodwill, will more likely lead to practical long-term solutions.

In life, business and politics, it is important and instructive to recognize our accomplishments as well as our failures. It is acceptable to create a mythical version of our history and who and what we are, without denying our errors and imperfections, as long as it inspires us to strive continuously to achieve those high ideals.

Apologizing is not enough. Let’s be more ambitious.

Be better. Do better.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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New top gun or one-hit wonder?

Justin Thomas has a great start to 2017

Justin thomasJustin Thomas suddenly won two tournaments in a row in Hawaii with total scores at 49-under par and set all-time records with a round of 59 at age 23 and the lowest 72-hole score in Tour history.

Who is this guy and where did he come from?

He has been on the PGA tour since 2013 and had won only once before in the 2015 season. This season he has won three times since October which was the most anybody won all of last year.

Clearly off to a great start, but you may know his good buddy, Jordan Spieth, better. Spieth was the young sensation of 2015, winning five times including the Masters, US Open and FedEx cup and achieving World Ranking #1. When asked by the commentators in Hawaii if Thomas had suddenly arrived or was this a one-time run, Spieth replied, “Neither, he has been playing at this level for years.” He will likely have many more good runs like this and we can expect him to push all the current contenders for World #1.

And there-in lies the lesson for your business.

Suddenly achieving notable success should not result from a short run of good luck. You cannot count on that ever happening. You should be building on dedicated preparation and hard work to sustain success for a whole career.

Even if you never achieve World #1 ranking you will be recognized as a winner for all the right reasons and be rewarded accordingly.

Keep at it,

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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Earn the right to brag

It worked for me running marathons. Long after my rational brain and aching body were telling me to quit, my ego kept reminding me that I would lose all bragging rights, if I didn’t finish. I knew it was much more satisfying to work into the conversation, “Yup, the full twenty-six miles, 42.2 kilometers, and I wasn’t last. In New York there were even nine thousand runners finished behind me!” (No need to mention there were twenty-five thousand ahead of me. Just a humble telling of the facts that put you in the best light.  Getting too boastful can lead to distressing put downs, like “Did you win?”)

Pride is a great motivator.

No need to deny it; earn it and use it. Don’t exaggerate and don’t take credit where it is not your accomplishment, but if it’s true, let the world know.  Sometimes it’s not clear why we’re so proud, but if the feeling is there, share it. And if you are proud of your team, your family, your staff, or your associates, it’s worth sharing. Being recognized and appreciated is a great motivator for everyone.

What about the things we do we’re not so proud of? The question then is “Would you do that if anybody knew?” The opposite of pride is shame and it’s a good deterrent to bad behaviour if you imagine it being exposed. If you anticipate embarrassment, humiliation or loss of respect, then don’t do it.

Imagining an audience works both ways. Keep in mind that you may not be just imagining it.  In today’s over-exposed world somebody will notice, whatever you do.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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When I was coaching my son years ago, primarily in hockey, I would remind him of our mantra "PDT" - power, determination and technique.

We had agreed they were the three elements that were necessary for a high level of performance. "Power" requires building strength and fitness to overcome obstacles and the competition. "Determination" is about attitude and the mental ability to focus and persist in the pursuit of the objectives. "Technique" is mastering the skills required to perform at a high level consistently.

PDT applies very much to the sport of golf and is demonstrated by the winners every weekend. Developing the power, determination and technique applicable to your business will also lead to successes there.