Bad behaviour needs to be changed, not explained

Bad behaviour

Needs to be changed, not explained

Baby TrumpBad behaviour needs to be changed, not analyzed, explained, rationalized or excused.

Speculating over why itís happening may keep the analysts and commentators busy, but itís tiresome and irrelevant. If the bad behaviour can be stopped by removing the cause, then letís do that, but if we cannot determine the cause, then letís accept the fact that it will continue unless we change it.

The best way to help change the behaviour is to allow the negative consequences to be evident and obvious to the individual and to his supporters, facilitators and enablers. †It doesnít matter if itís an arrogant politician or selfish CEO, delinquent employee or spoiled 5-year old. Let's change the behaviour or change the player.

(OK, maybe not change your 5-year old, he'll grow up and improve.)

Be better. Do better.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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