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Astonishingly irresponsible and incompetent leadership at VW


All justified in the relentless pursuit of #1 in auto sales.

Volkswagen's emission test cheating is just the most recent example of incompetent, irresponsible leadership pursuing sales at any cost, ignoring the risks.

Apparently it was a brief success for the man responsible for US sales, Martin Winterkorn - he is now CEO of...

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Passport to Turnaround?

Come on Canada! Get onside with Wayne Gretzky and cheer for Blackberry.

The new Blackberry Passport is more than a smart phone, almost a full-featured tablet.  I like it and think it will be a winner for Blackberry.  Maybe not a quick fix for the company turnaround, but a clear departure from trying to follow the...

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“Don’t Do It the Hard Way”


"Don't Do It the Hard Way" has been released to the printers!

You should see it soon at your favourite bookstore. Here's what to look for .... Learn to be a better entrepreneur and do better for yourself, your family, customers and suppliers, your community and the planet.

Ambitious I know, but that is my mission.

Don’t Do...

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