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Enlightened Entrepreneurship – Part 3: The Action Plan

Enlightened Entrepreneurship – Part 3: The Action Plan

Enlightened Entrepreneurship requires us to practice it, promote it and defend it.

Does accepting that mission make us missionaries? Yes.

And the mission has a three part Action Plan:

  1. Practice enlightened entrepreneurship and lead by example for employees, customers, suppliers, strategic partners and stakeholders.
  2. Help other entrepreneurs be more enlightened and...
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Enlightened Entrepreneurship – Part 2

Enlightened Entrepreneurship – Part 2

I have recommended the concept of enlightened entrepreneurship.  Others are also using the term, but we do not have a common understanding of “enlightened entrepreneurship.”Some people apply it to define a very spiritual or humanistic approach to business and others confuse it with social entrepreneurship, where the purpose of the business...

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Enlightened Entrepreneurship

The need for Enlightened Entrepreneurship

My mission with LearningEntrepreneurship.com is to promote what I call “enlightened entrepreneurship.” I didn’t coin the phrase I’m sure, but here is my definition.

Enlightened entrepreneurship: business leadership that recognizes that doing better for the business also means doing better for employees and their families, for customers and suppliers, for communities and...

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Justin Trudeau’s lessons in leadership

It’s not all hope and happy optimism  

Trudeau JI thought he was “just a high school teacher….”, but apparently he was better schooled in the family business than I thought.

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Astonishingly irresponsible and incompetent leadership at VW


All justified in the relentless pursuit of #1 in auto sales.

Volkswagen's emission test cheating is just the most recent example of incompetent, irresponsible leadership pursuing sales at any cost, ignoring the risks.

Apparently it was a brief success for the man responsible for US sales, Martin Winterkorn - he is now CEO of...

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