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Spring in Montreal

Maybe not that unusual for Canadians, but we've gone from four inches of wet snow on Monday morning to warm and sunny today with a forecast of 23C on the weekend. Winter to summer in less than a week? Welcome to Montreal in 2007.

No this is not another rant about global...
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Trying harder

OK, after more browsing of other people's blogs I have been suitably inspired/motivated to try harder.

You can give the credit (blame) to the bloggers listed in my sidebar - Mitch Joel, Rick Spence and finally Jim Estill. You may not know them but they're worth a visit; maybe they'll inspire you too. Mitch...
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Slow progress

OK now its more than two years after that first post... where did the time go?

e2eforum has made little progress beyond the concept - a place online for entrepreneurs and executives to share ideas, information and inspiration.

Where to start? How to create a "forum" with enough partipants to make it interesting...
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