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Happy Birthday to me

If you're here on Friday morning May 18th, I've gone golfing. Happy Birthday to me in case you forgot.

If you found this Blog through my e-newsletter on "E-Business opportunities with Web 2.0" (see www.directtech.ca/ebusiness_2007.htm) then you'll appreciate the beauty of online applications like Campaigner (www.campaigner.com) which sent the newsletter while I...
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Networking or not

I started a group a few years ago that resisted the standard approach to networking. This morning was a happy confirmation that we have a good thing going.

We are all refugees (or alumni, to put a more positive spin on it) of other networking groups. We wanted to avoid any more of the...
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Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers and business seems to be my current theme. Perhaps it's the subliminal (or blatant) advertising for Mother's Day this weekend.

My Uncle Ralph persona is partly inspired by my father and his well-recognized character and manner of dispensing wise advice. But my mother also had a strong influence on my personality...
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I’m your boss not your mother

An earlier post suggested that we might have better decision making if managers asked themselves what their mother would think of their actions. But what about those employees that expect you to act like their mother?

What is the right level of caring and compassion before it becomes more personal than a working relationship...
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Who needs a consultant?

If importing a celebrity CEO is seldom a good idea, why would you want to use that hired gun called management consultant? He (or she) may know even less about your business and may have never even been a manager or business owner. How can they contribute anything?

Since I spend a lot of...
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Spring in Montreal

Maybe not that unusual for Canadians, but we've gone from four inches of wet snow on Monday morning to warm and sunny today with a forecast of 23C on the weekend. Winter to summer in less than a week? Welcome to Montreal in 2007.

No this is not another rant about global...
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