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Financial management

I am just completing the teaching of two summer courses in Financial Management at Concordia University. It's time for their final exams so I'm now thinking about what are the most important lessons to learn for future business managers and entrepreneurs. Or alternatively, what do most entrepreneurs neglect in the management of their...
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Mysteries of human behaviour

I've just returned from an interesting trip to Sept Isles and tour of the Quebec North Shore. Sept Isles is on a large circular bay protected by seven islands (surprisingly) and is a young, prosperous industrial town. Quite unremarkable as a tourist destination.

But it has one characteristic that seems to...
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Two long summer weekends and two short weeks every year at the end of June. (Unique to Québec?) Followed by the so-called "construction holiday" where almost everyone leaves for the last two weeks of July. Hard to be productive with clients or any other business partners during this period.

Should be a good time...
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Essence of Customer Service

A quick comment after another demonstration of what distinguishes good customer service.

I've always said the essence of good customer service is simple; not easy, but also not complicated. And for it to be reflected consistently on every customer contact is the real challenge for management. Instead of trying to explain it, just think...
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Maintenance time

After a long weekend there is extra urgency to get a week's work accomplished in the remaining four days. And this weekend I'm away for 2 weeks to enjoy Beautiful BC with friends and family so even more pressure .

It's a good time to remember the importance of maintaining the foundation -...
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